Canonical courses in Philosophy and Theology

The canonical degrees delivered by the Facultés Loyola Paris conform to the requirements of the Holy See, and are accredited according to the European Credit Transfer System under the Bologna Accord (60 ECTS per year). Their level is recognised by the French state: the baccalaureate as equivalent to a French licence and the licentiate as equivalent to a Master.

organization of the first cycle (canonical baccalaureate)The baccalaureate programmes lead to the canonical degrees in philosophy and theology, awarded in the name of the Holy See, which are the basic university-level qualification within the Catholic Church.

The licenciate enables students to deepen their philosophical and theological culture while beginning to specialise.

Areas of specialisation:


  • Morality, politics and anthropology
  • Philosophy, mysticism and religion
  • History of philosophy


  • Biblical theology
  • Fundamental and dogmatic theology
  • Patristic theology
  • Moral and practical theology
  • Theology of interreligious dialogue
  • History and theology of spirituality and religious life

The Facultés Loyola Paris offer researchers the opportunity to follow a post-doctoral programme for a period of one year, leading to an additional research qualification.

This programme aims to provide a theological formation adapted to the needs of monastic communities. The Facultés Loyola Paris validate the degree element (STIM-bac).


Courses and lectures

All are welcome to follow a wide variety of courses and lectures without pursuing a degree.
Examples of teaching areas: Philosophy, Ethics, Cultures and languages, Biblical studies, Systematic theology, Practical theology, History of Christianity, Spirituality and consecrated life, World Religions


Programmes and diplomas

“CROIRE ET COMPRENDRE”: a programme tailored to people’s needs
An interdisciplinary course of study at university level over 1, 2 or 3 years, open to people of all ages, from all walks of life, from any country in the world, full time (16 hours per week) or part time (8 hours per week). 3 pathways (possible qualification for Basics and Laudato Si’) :

  • LIBERTE: a selection of courses from the wide range offered by the Facultés Loyola Paris, adjusted to the individual’s needs
  • FONDAMENTAL: a selection of introductory courses in philosophy and theology (biblical, fundamental and dogmatic, moral and practical, history of the Church spirituality, interreligious dialogue…)
  • LAUDATO SI’: a selection of courses in philosophy and theology to help engage with the call to an integral ecology

Diploma in Biomedical Ethics
A one-year part-time programme exploring the many ethical questions posed by modern medicine and nursing, and the implications of the new biotechnologies. Open to all, but of particular relevance to professionals in medicine and related fields. An important place is given to tutoring and discernment.

Diploma “Humanities and politics”
A one-year part-time interdisciplinary programme in human sciences and political science to give roots and rejuvenate the will to improve our society. The pedagogy mixes theory and practice. The students meet many committed people and intiatives. An important place is given to tutoring and discernment.

Diploma in School Chaplaincy
A part-time university programme over two years in line with the French national training framework in Catholic education.

Programme for Religious Formators
A one-year full-time course for male and female religious preparing to take on formation responsibility within their congregations.

Online courses

The Facultés Loyola Paris are developing online courses, involving personal and group work available on a digital platform, with facilitation from a member of the teaching staff by videoconference. One example is Christophe Pichon’s Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels.