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Publié le 29 June 2021

Inspired by the Ignatian tradition, the Facultés Loyola Paris attache great importance to individual guidance, and to developing attitudes of personal reflection that are actively engaged and well grounded.

Learning from great authors

  • facing the major questions arising in the disciplines of philosophy and theology
  • reading carefully and critically the classic texts

Listening to our times

  • connecting everyday faith and practice to the deep questions posed by our times
  • broadening perspectives and deepening reflection through exchanges and seminar discussion right from the beginning

Learning to discern

The individual support the students receive enables them to grow in other ways besides that of academic success. What they learn enables them to grow as persons, and to engage more fully with their life-projects.

  • Each student has the benefit of rigorous individual tutoring from one of the teaching staff throughout their programme.
  • Each year, the student makes a written review of what they have learnt in the light of their overall goals. This forms an important part of their annual evaluation. This method allows them to better understand their new knowledge and to get a global vision of the year.